Quarantine Updates: Protocols and Procedures

Protection Mask

Dear Patients, After 3 months I am back treating patients. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon. I have changed my protocols and procedures to keep my patients healthy and safe. Your safety and health are always my top priority, which is why, in light of the current Q  situation; I am implementing the following steps in…

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What Is Dietary Fiber And Why Do I Need It?


Let's Talk about the F word. Fiber....... We’ve all heard our doctors tell us it is crucial to reach a certain amount of daily fiber, but what is it and why exactly do we need it? Dietary fiber, otherwise known as roughage, is the indigestible part of a plant not digested; instead, it absorbs water and prevents constipation by keeping…

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Premium Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose Quartz Rollers

Facial rollers are an effective treatment that helps smooth away the appearance of wrinkles, aids lymphatic drainage, and keeps the skin glowing. Rose Quartz is known to be the crystal of unconditional love, especially self-love. It has a piezoelectric effect meaning it carries a small charge to help awaken the skin. Recent studies have finally come out demonstrating that short term…

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The Benefits of Food Rotation and Weight Loss

Food Rotation for Allergies May 13th-19th is Food Allergy Awareness Week, an important week because 15 million Americans are struggling with food allergies. Food Rotation is one way to identify your allergies. How an old technique is helping people feel better Food rotation is a method of removing possible food allergens that was borne out of the Environmental Medicine trend…

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Rituals are Habits Made Holy

Rituals Are Habits Made Holy

By my bedside are these beautiful crystals to help me sleep and this delicious oil, Grace, by Ajai that helps me fall asleep. Ritual at bedtime helps the production of Oxytocin, the "feel good hormone”. Oxytocin helps lower cortisol, the stress hormone and helps us relax and fall asleep. Rituals combined with aromatherapy, such as this beautiful roll on oil…

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Seasonal Allergies

Today I am happy to be featured in Cleanplates about how to treat seasonal allergies naturally. It is important for readers to decrease whole body inflammation by eliminating pro inflammatory foods like dairy, junk foods, refined foods and incorporate a whole foods diet. Some of the best advice I can give patients is to begin a regimen of 1,000 mg…

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Essential Oils and Earth Day Special

5 Essential Oils You Should Always Have In Your Medicine Cabinet

Happy Earth Day! This week I am happy to be interviewed in Rodale's Organic Life about essential oils! Essential oils give plants their smell and are used in perfumes, medicinal agents. Essential oil extracts can be up to 100 times more potent than the plant itself,, Now that essential oils are gaining in popularity  so are both benefit and risk.…

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