How to Ease Digestion after Overindulging During the Holidays

Some bunny has a big holiday coming up or two or three and will most likely overindulge.


April is a BIG month for holidays. With Passover and Easter, it’s easy to indulge on yummy food and sweet treats, but be careful not to overdo it and wind up in a food coma or feeling horrible during your holiday time.

Eating healthy, especially during celebrations can be difficult for many, but overindulging can put your digestive force at risk. When your body is used to healthy food, and when you indulge in high fat, refined carbs, or high sugar treats, you will end up feeling bloated and inflamed.⠀

Overindulging and overeating can cause heartburn, lack of sleep and an overall feeling of restlessness. Sugar, fat and processed flours can cause reflux, and irregular BMs which can leave you feeling sluggish and tired.  These are signs from your body telling you to reduce your sweets and get back to your normal routine.

Here are 14 tips and tricks to help your body when you overdo it during holidays:

  1. Eat more fiber to help keep you full during the day.  Eat vegetables first or pre-meal with a veggie and protein snack to curb crazy hunger at a meal.
  2. Nap. If you’re tired chances, are you didn’t get enough sleep and are trying to power up from food. A 20-minute power nap will help you feel refreshed.
  3. Drink more water. Hunger is often confused with real thirst. Aim for 64oz of water a day and coffee doesn’t count. ⠀
  4. Eat more fat! Avocados, almonds and oils like coconut and olive oil create satiety and protect your heart.
  5. Drink tea such as mint and ginger which are excellent for helping ease digestion and overeating.
  6. Add bitters, lime and soda to your drink which are excellent for when you overindulge.
  7. Add a pinch of baking soda in water after overeating, but only a PINCH. More is not better in this case.
  8. Use a hot water bottle to help bring circulation to your stomach and ease bloated tummies.
  9. Lie on your right side to help your stomach empty. I remember my grandmother taught me this and it works like a charm.
  10. Try and walk away from the table if your family is trying to ram food down your throat.  Don’t feel guilty for not eating your aunt’s pineapple upside-down cake.
  11. Forgive yourself and move on. Take a walk outside and move that stuck energy.
  12. Take your herbs and supplements! If you know you tend to overeat, contact the office for herbs that help ease digestion.
  13. Eat regular meals. Keep that “hangry” feeling away by eating regular meals with protein, carbs and fat.
  14. Remember, cheat meals are totally fine and you should enjoy the holidays, just try to keep your meals balanced so you can enjoy the holidays and not feel like you’re in a food coma the week afterward.

If you found yourself overindulging, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help. Contact the office so I can get you back on track. Have questions? DM me💗.

I specialize in women’s health, weight management, allergies, autoimmune diseases and environmental illnesses. I help patients improve and take control of their health and maintain their optimal weight.

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