I have known Elizabeth Trattner for almost 20 years and have helped mentor her as she has evolved into a skilled integrative practitioner who combines eastern and western medical philosophies. She completed a rotation under my direction at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and I have referred many patients to her over the years, some with complex health issues. All have been pleased with her attentiveness and competent care, and all have benefited from her treatments and recommendations about diet and other aspects of lifestyle. Apart from being colleagues, Elizabeth and I are good friends. We share many interests, including healthy food and cooking, and laugh a lot when we are together.

Andrew Weil, MD Founder and Director Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Like the faeries at dawn and dusk, Dr. Trattner walks expertly between the worlds….of Allopathic and Integrative medicine.  A rare bird, indeed – she’s a healer who feels honored to serve.  Integrity infuses her acumen and touch- making hers a truly transformational medicine! She crafts a wellness plan for patients that step-wise indicates when to get acupuncture, supplement a diet, see a physician specialist, shaman, shrink, or when to go to the ER!!  Patients report a sense of relief in finding someone who finally “gets it!”  An adult in the room who has sifted through reams of new age nonsense and science-based research to make sense of what to put in one’s body.

Physicians and psychologists rely on her and the beauty gals eat her up.  Her sphere of competencies is spot on for what people seek to feel better and be better NOW! Just like after an other-world interaction before sun-up, under the care of Dr. Trattner, your being will remember its wholeness and its twinkle.

Maura S. Cohen, Psy.D. Psychodynamic, Shamanic Psychologist Los Angeles

Elizabeth is a true healer! I’ve been working with her for over 2 decades. She has helped me tremendously on my health journey since the day I met her. She’s helped me with eating properly and understanding my food sensitivities, pre and post pregnancy and now she’s helping me transition into peri menopause. She’s done it again by helping me have my period 4 days after my visit! She’s a True magician because I have not had a period in over 3 months and have been experiencing PMS the entire time and now I have relief from the symptoms. She is truly amazing.

Physicians and psychologists rely on her and the beauty gals eat her up.  Her sphere of competencies is spot on for what people seek to feel better and be better NOW! Just like after an other-world interaction before sun-up, under the care of Dr. Trattner, your being will remember its wholeness and its twinkle.

Lilly S. Coral, Gables

I began seeing Dr. Elizabeth for restless leg syndrome and acid reflux a year ago. She listened to me and gave me a step-by-step plan how to get better. It was more than acupuncture; it was integrative medicine including dietary counseling that reduced my symptoms and lifestyle suggestions that made my symptoms better over time. I am a healthier person because of her. Highly recommend. 5 stars plus.

I wanted to say thank you for all of your amazing-ness.  I had been trying to get pregnant and I was frustrated because it was taking longer than I wanted.  I knew I needed to move some energy in a new way.  I reached out to you over a weekend, feeling very stressed and frazzled.  You took the time to speak with me while you were moving your daughter in to college, and you managed to find time for me in your booked-solid schedule.

I loved (and still love) speaking with you; you put me at ease and connectivity.  The first acupuncture session with you left me floating in every way.  It turns out, it was exactly what I needed because I became pregnant right after meeting with you.  It was – and you are – a blessing.

M., Attorney, Miami

I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me. I am forever grateful for giving me back my healthy shine, my love for natural medicine, and for being a mentor and a friend. Thank you for taking care of me, listening when I needed advice not just physically but emotionally. You have a beautiful gift, you made me feel like I could take on the world and be my unique self in the world.

Since we started the process you gave me hope that my thyroid issues will get better and gave me plenty of recommendations that I still do every day. I am on the path to recovery, feeling much better every day and taking care of my body in the best way possible. Even after being your patient you still reached out and made me feel taken care of.

I cant wait to see you again soon. I am grateful for you and Char. You are both incredibly kind and loving!

Nathi T., Chef, Madrid

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is a gift and a blessing for my family. Her knowledge of Chinese and Integrative medicine, paired with true intuition, empathy, and overall grace shows her to be a light of ancient wisdom in today’s world.

My husband sought her care 10 years ago while suffering severe gastro-intestinal problems, diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic, along with allergies that made most days absolutely miserable. Dr. Trattner developed a tailored supplementation and acupuncture plan for him designed to work in partnership with his traditional Western medical care. Only 6 months later, a check-up at the Mayo Clinic showed that a very dangerous pre-cancerous condition in his esophagus had been completely resolved. The Dr’s were so in awe they took specific case notes on him and the routine Dr. Trattner put him on.

Dr. Trattner is a touchstone for our overall medical care. Every year as soon as we do our traditional check-ups and bloodwork, we make certain to sit down with Dr. Trattner, evaluate our overall health, and adjust accordingly. She has helped us get through some of the most stressful moments of the last few years with our health intact. It also goes without saying that if you’re doing great on the inside, your outside shines. She keeps us looking good too!

Recently, our 12-year-old daughter’s literally anemic attempt at veganism had left her pale, weak, and with hair loss. Dr. Trattner’s kindness and understanding when she evaluated our daughter led to immediate trust in her process. Only several weeks into implementing her supplement plan and vegan dietary changes, our daughter was pink-cheeked and with radiant energy again.

We are so grateful.

I.G. Miami, FL

Hi Dr. Trattner, I wanted to update you on how I’ve been feeling. First of all, my hot flashes and night sweats are totally gone! This was by far my worst symptom and I have been dealing with flashes for about 9 years of peri-menopause. Nothing I have tried has helped, not buying all new sheets and pjs, hormone replacement therapy, or herbal remedies. It wasn’t until you started treating me and I started paying better attention to the nutritional triggers (carbs, caffeine) that I experienced relief. Now, I sleep through the night without sweating and I don’t have to stop throughout the day to deal with waves of hot flashes. The episodes of nausea that had be debilitating me for the last 6 months have also stopped. It’s such a relief!

…Thank you for helping me make time for self-care and recharging. My whole family thanks you, too. I love that losing the extra quarantine weight is a side effect of working on my overall health, rather than having to go on a diet, like I feared I would have to! Thank you so much.

I am not a materialistic person, but I have to take a moment to comment on your clinic. I don’t think my treatments would feel quite the same if it weren’t for the beautiful and peaceful environment you’ve created. The place is always spotless, tastefully decorated and it sounds and smells serene and peaceful. I love the warm beds and the cozy and tranquil treatment rooms. There’s nothing like being greeted by your front garden and fountain and then your lovely assistant Charlotte, always ready with a smile. I’m looking forward to my treatment next week already! Thank you both so much!

E.L., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have worked with Elizabeth for the past 3 years and have experienced life changing results by combining acupuncture, nutrition and supplements. I was able to get off of prescription allergy medication, discovered food allergies that were making me inflamed, have built my immune system, my hair nails and skin look amazing and am more conscious and in tune with my body both physically and emotionally. I am terribly allergic to mold and Elizabeth has given me the tools and supplements I need to live a normal life in South Florida where mold is rampant. Working with Elizabeth is so wonderful on all levels as she is conscientious and treats each patient with attention and respect. When working together she gives me and my needs her full attention, she does not treat her practice like a production line. She is always available and always goes the extra mile to make sure that my needs are met. I truly recommend working with Elizabeth; she is a star that shines in the medical profession in today’s world.

Lillian S., Miami, FL

I’ve been seeing Elizabeth for just under a year now.  I began seeing her specifically to treat my allergies, but timing-wise, my first visit with her was shortly after I preserved my fertility (aka froze my eggs). Before Elizabeth, I was getting sick every two weeks because my allergies were constantly suppressing my immune system and I had no idea what could be done to prevent it and improve my overall health.  Since my first visit with her, I haven’t been sick once.  But that’s not all she’s done for me!  

We joke that she is the “Period Whisperer” because it is so important (for me, personally) to have a regular, and predictable, menstrual cycle.  Prior to egg freezing, my period came as I expected it each month- on the dot (pun intended).  But after the procedure, I had to get back to normal and my cycle became somewhat unpredictable… until a visit with Elizabeth!  Not even kidding: I get the monthly bill within 24 hours after seeing her for a treatment when I’m due for my period- Every. Single. Month…. Period.

Who knew?!  I started seeing her for allergies, and ended up depending on her for menstrual regularity!  The Period Whisperer is real.  And I love her for all that she’s helping me with!  Thank you, Elizabeth! 🙂

M.D., Miami, FL

Thanks Elizabeth. What could I say? You are truly the best. If it wasn’t for you I would not have become heavyweight champion when I beat George Foreman. By the way, I need to see you again. I need to win the title again.

Shannon Briggs, Two Time Heavyweight Champion of the World

Going to Elizabeth Trattner is getting more than acupuncture. We will talk informally for about 10 – 20 minutes. You think you are just catching up, but she is picking up on all sorts of cues. Your body language, your energy level, what has been happening in your life both around you, and in your thoughts and spirit all effect her approach to you that day. I feel like I am getting therapy/ counseling, a moral boost and acupuncture all in one. Each time may be different, depending on what you need. When I am on the table, I am so relaxed. At times I can palpably feel the energy within me being moved in very specific ways. Elizabeth is so talented and knowledgeable about nutrition, herbs and acupuncture. She is truly amazing!

Nina P., Miami Beach

A rare treasure in this era of medical madness. Elizabeth is a warm and dedicated professional who takes her time in listening and treating her patients. She is on the cutting edge of medical advancements, treatments and alternatives. She guides you through the do’s and don’ts of nutrition with many common sense ideas and takes a preventative approach towards illness and aging. She is my true personal health concierge!! I truly enjoy our visits together.

— Sarah S. Bal Harbour, FL

Since I started my treatment plan with Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, I have noticed positive change in almost all aspects of my life. After nearly two years of not sleeping well, I was finally able to get a good night’s rest. My energy level was restored, as was my general sense of well-being. In addition, her treatment helped me identify other areas of my health which needed attention. A former skeptic of Oriental Medicine, I am now, very happily an ardent advocate.

— Tammy W., Bal Harbour, FL

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding work of Elizabeth Trattner, DOM. I have had the good fortune to meet with many of her regular patients and hear their personal stories of health improvements and appreciation for Dr. Trattner’s dedication to their wellness. The testimonials I have heard always come from the heart. It is obvious to me that many have made important health improvements thanks to the guidance and professional support of Dr. Trattner. It’s a sincere pleasure to recommend Elizabeth and work with her to create health and wellness.

— Mike Scozzari, Director, Transcendental Stress Management of South Florida

Elizabeth is not only a very well educated and knowledgeable therapist but she is very in tune with your individual needs. I find her to be sincerely interested in developing a program that works with your personal sensitivities, such as time, level of patience and understanding of the treatments, working with other physicians, and economic situations. She is a very caring and patient therapist who educates you as you go through the healing process. Along with the treatments the recommendation of herbal remedies has made me feel much better. I highly recommend Elizabeth.

— Debra T., Banker

My overall health and well being has improved exponentially since I’ve started seeing Dr. Trattner. Being a bit of a skeptic over the years, of course I’ve tested every possibility, but the superlative balance I enjoy every day speaks for itself. Her knowledge and intuition make my experiences with her absolutely necessary, and positively priceless!

— Lynn S, Hairstylist Miami, FL

Elizabeth’s guidance has dramatically changed my life. I had become extremely debilitated from years of food sensitivities. Although I’d already had a lot of knowledge of foods to avoid, Elizabeth showed that me rebuilding my system was just as important. I have followed her recommendations and now have greater strength, energy, and overall consistency of well-being. Her knowledge, skill, intuition and support are a rare combination.

— Nancy S., Miami, FL

I consider myself very fortunate to have been a Professional Athlete my entire adult life. I played 15 years in Professional Baseball with the Giants, Orioles and Senators. After my baseball retirement, I became a Golf Professional working as a PGA Professional for 30 years. As with other Professional Athletes, during my career, I suffered numerous injuries. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Elizabeth Trattner. A few years ago, I was notified by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I needed a double hip replacement. Along with the obvious necessity of having a competent surgeon, It was recommended by a close friend and a patient of Dr. Trattner’s, that I contact Dr. Trattner for her post and past surgery treatment which would induce a reduction of pain, swelling, black and blue and an overall faster healing procedure. I decided to take my friends advice. After surgery I compared my recuperation process with other hip replacement patients. There was no comparison. Due to Dr. Trattner’s treatments, I had both hips replaced within two weeks and playing competitive golf in three months. Over the years, I have continued to consult Dr.Trattner in regard to nutrition, acupuncture and overall creating a healthier and happier lifestyle. I feel fortunate to have Dr. Trattner as my health consultant and highly recommend her talent and expertise.

— Johnny Orsino, Former Major League Baseball Player, Professional Golf Association of America

I have benefited first mentally, then physically and therefore emotionally from my sessions with Elizabeth. She not only treated me with great respect but also with great support through useful and applicable advice for in between sessions. Now with what I learned from her I can apply it 10,000 miles away to keep balance in all aspects of life. Lucky to have met her. Plus the positive energy is very attractive.

— Polat G., Istanbul, Turkey

Elizabeth Trattner has changed my life. Her Chinese medicine background and her amazing sense of understanding women is amazing. I always know that when I am going to see Elizabeth I am going to get the best treatment.

— Faye P., Bay Harbor, FL

Elizabeth Trattner is smart, hip, down to earth and extremely in-tune with what will make your body feel better. She is very easy to talk to and great at figuring out what exactly your body is telling you and how to fix it in a healthy approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone at any age!

— Laura S., College Park, MD, Bal Harbour, FL

My family and clients from the pilates studio I own here in Miami have been relying on Dr. Elizabeth Trattner for years. We find she is the perfect combination of the caring, effective alternative care provider and the mind-bogglingly skilled medical professional. She is absolutely amazing in any kind of health crisis, but more importantly, she gives a great tune-up! If you’re feeling kind of wrung-out, not getting over a simple illness, or have hormones running rampant she’s just plain gifted in balancing a body and helping it heal. From clients having issues with pregnancy to weight loss and even to neck and pain throughout the body If we do what she says to do (and after this many years of seeing her wisdom in action we always do what she suggests) we always get and stay healthier. From her fantastic heated table to the valuable nutritional information and variety of vitamins teas and herbs she truly is a necessary additive to our mind body ideal we all strive for. I continuously feel balanced and serene as well as re-energized after treatments with Elizabeth. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and truly committed to helping her clients.

— Naomi Lowit, Owner of Nomi Pilates, North Miami, FL

With both the physical and mental guidance given by Elizabeth Trattner I was able to transform my diet as well as clarify my mind into a properly balanced and well maintained lifestyle.

— Irene P., Miami, FL

I have been a patient of Elizabeth for many years and she never fails to amaze me with her wisdom. I am also a practicing health care practitioner and have referred many people to see her. Everyone has been as pleased with their results as I am.

— Michelle Parlo, Physician Assistant

In a world of hurried professionals Elizabeth really stands out as a truly caring practitioner. She takes extreme care and time during each appointment to address my specific needs and alters the treatment accordingly. Elizabeth goes above and beyond to make sure I am feeling my best when I leave her office. After suffering for years from migraines with no results from traditional medicine I began to search for alternative treatments. As a patient of Elizabeth’s I am pain free for the past two years.

— Robin C, Weston, FL

Elizabeth Trattner has a unique ability, stemming from her extensive knowledge and experience, to bring wellness solutions to her predominantly female clientele. She understands the challenges facing women today and the stresses and health issues that result from those challenges. She was able to help me transform my life with practical, simple to employ dietary solutions while simultaneously providing excellent healing acupuncture services. I can readily say that her advice and services have allowed me to lead a happier, healthier, more stress free life. All good things.

— Debra R., Esquire

I met Elizabeth two and a half years ago and my life has completely turned around. I started eating more organic foods, cutting certain things out of my diet, quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, gained control over my anxiety and really was able to find an overall balance in my life. Now my whole family uses her and I cannot say enough for how much she has helped all of us. The space she has created in her office is so welcoming, warm and safe. She is fully dedicated to her patients and her practice and it shows in her work. Elizabeth is a powerful and gifted woman. I like to call her my Accu-fairy sent from God.

— Ariela N., Interior Designer and Shaman, Miami, FL

Elizabeth Trattner is superb healer. Her commitment to her patients is second to none. She is a gem!

— Janis Roszler, RD, CDE, LD/N, Author, 2008-2009 Diabetes Educator of the Year

Aside from being brilliant, Elizabeth Trattner is one of the most insightful, warm and loving healers. She guides her patients to seek beyond the every day aches & pains to the deeper layers of our Being for meaning and healing. Elizabeth has helped me through some of the most difficult moments in my life with the utmost care and respect. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to reslove emotional and physical blockages.

— Deborah N, Artist & Healer

Every woman needs an Elizabeth Trattner in her life. Dr. Trattner’s expertise in the field of nutrition and women’s health is endless. And as a mom, she knows just what we are juggling in our day-to-day lives, and helps us to create balance. Her Mid-western kindness shines through. She has a heart of gold. With a down-to-earth approach and endless patience, Dr. Trattner has been my savior for more than three years. Dr. Trattner continues to guide, inspire, and motivate me, and when I need a lift or change directions on my journey toward better health I am comforted to know that she’s always nearby.

— Ellen Kula, Kitchen Commando, Surfside, FL

I can’t remember who introduced me to Elizabeth, but whoever you are thank you! thank you! thank you! Elizabeth was instrumental in my pain management with a herniated disc in my lower back. Her calming presence and masterful skill in her practice; I feel was crucial in my eventual recovery. Elizabeth truly cared about my well being and didn’t hesitate to drive to my house on the spur of the moment when I had unbearable break through pain. I consider her to be a blessing and my friend.

— David B., Tinicum, PA

I spent a month with Elizabeth Trattner in the University of Arizona Medicine Integrative rotation. She is a great acupuncturist that has the skills to provide the ultimate experience for patients. She is an excellent communicator and sensitive to specific needs of patients. She is also very effective in understanding the entire patient from the perspective of combining her skills in Eastern Medicine as acupuncturist while communicating with Western medicine allopathic physicians to provide well rounded care to the patient. I would highly recommend her skills to any patient and am grateful that I was able to learn from her.

— Dr. Thomas R. Marcellino MD, Family Medicine Physician

Elizabeth Changed My Life. I am an extremely healthy, holistic NY acupuncturist and mother who has never been sick, or even in a hospital (home birth). Last year, I suddenly fell very ill from ulcerative colitis, down to almost 100 pounds. Everyone I called in Miami glowingly recommended Elizabeth, from patients to MD’s. Here is why:
You will get better. I did and everyone I recommended to Elizabeth did.
Elizabeth attended the prestigious Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Rotation for MD’s. It is the best integrative medicine program available worldwide and an extreme honor for MD’s to be accepted for a coveted position. Elizabeth is the only acupuncturist in the world who has been granted entry into this prestigious program.
When you see Elizabeth as a patient, you are seeing someone who has so much more training and experience than the average acupuncturist. Your session incorporates herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, nutrition, mental health, needling (usually both a front and back treatment), a heated/energy table, and additional modalities customized to your condition.
She has excellent communication and business skills, which is unfortunately a rare trait found in acupuncturists.
She emails and calls to follow up. She truly cares about how you feel and that you are getting better.
She spends a lot of time talking with you about your lifestyle, diet, supplements and symptoms. She seeks the underlying condition to resolve your condition, not just improve symptoms which could come back.
Most importantly, Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and updated on the current herbal, supplement and nutrition products in the market. This is not part of the curriculum in acupuncture school and the majority of acupuncturists have limited knowledge of this. Patient’s results and continuing education are the best ways to achieve this information. It can make the difference from average results to great results. There are so many natural remedies, that are non-invasive, non-toxic and affordable that work extremely well. It’s a matter of knowing the products available and the best manufacturers who make them and picking the best ones for each individual patient.
Elizabeth has been practicing for many years in Miami and is well connected with doctors, specialists, yoga, pilates and mental health practitioners to recommend to you.• Elizabeth is strong and firm to push you to get better while gentle and tender while treating you with needles. My treatments were always painless. I knew she would be on top of me and following up to ensure that I was getting better by complying with the nutrition, herbal and mental health suggestions she made.
I’ve been charged a frivolous $5 per use of a heating lamp at acupuncture treatments elsewhere. Elizabeth lovingly gave me contacts and phone numbers where I could purchase my herbs at a discount using my acupuncturist license, rather than making money selling them to me directly—That sums her up. She’d rather me save money to get better than make more money herself.
What Elizabeth knew to treat my colitis that no specialist considered. I am an extremely healthy, holistic NY acupuncturist and mother who has never been sick, or even in a hospital (home birth). Last year, I suddenly fell very ill from ulcerative colitis, down to almost 100 pounds. My symptoms were extreme abdominal pain, daily diarrhea, gas, bloating and severe hemorrhoids. Visiting a slew specialists lead to no solutions, only diagnosis as well as frightening surgery and Rx recommendations. I knew what I had, but not what was causing it or how to control it, much less cure it. My GI doctor even wanted to put me on a preventative Rx for life. Surprisingly, not once did one of these doctors ask me what I ate. Wouldn’t that be relative for a person with a serious digestive condition? Elizabeth started with that imperative diet question. She stated strongly that I had to get off wheat gluten. That it was the culprit in many digestive cases. When I spoke to my GI and colon/rectal doctor about it, they seemed to have no knowledge and dismissed it. Even as an acupuncturist on a pretty strict holistic and organic lifestyle I was never bought into the gluten-free diet and hadn’t heard much about it. How could a natural grain, like wheat be anything but healthy? Elizabeth was absolutely right. I was very sick, embarrassed of being sick and desperately wanted to get better without Rx and surgery. In addition to Elizabeth’s weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal recommendations, I immediately went on a completely gluten-free diet. Within one week, I noticed improvement. Within three weeks, all of my symptoms disappeared (except for the hemorrhoids which I’ll probably have for life). I began seeing Elizabeth in March and by June I was completely healed. I went to Los Angeles for the summer and had no symptoms all summer or since then. That’s the amazing thing about Elizabeth. Her needling and treatment modalities make you more balanced and stronger to get well, and her expertise will cure you. Even if you are away from her, as I was over the summer, you will be better from the foundation of expertise and advice she built for you. Being a fellow acupuncturist, I was blown away by Elizabeth’s knowledge, expertise, caring, kindness and follow-through. When you visit Elizabeth, you are getting an acupuncturist, herbalist, Chinese medicine specialist, and healer who is strong and firm enough to push you to get better while being kind, compassionate and tender during your needling and treatment. Even as an acupuncturist, I don’t like being needled. It did not hurt AT ALL. Elizabeth uses a very gentle technique. She gets into your mind and helps guide you emotionally and psychologically to strengthening yourself in addition to the needling and herbs. I give her full credit for changing my life.

— Stacy Myer, Acupuncture Physician, Miami Beach, FL

Elizabeth, I should first and foremost thank you for all of your help and informative acupuncture sessions. Thank you for providing me with not only our acupuncture sessions, but for providing me with a foundation of tools to maintain a healthier life. You have helped me understand how important it is for me to take care of myself by incorporating a combination of chinese herbs, vitamins, fitness, and change in my diet. The educational and informative talks we had regarding food has helped me make better eating choices. I can honestly say that the health concerns I had prior to our first meeting are completely gone. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Thank you.

— Marnie C. San Francisco, CA

Dr. Trattner is an Acupuncture Physician that helped pioneer techniques using several modalities within her scope of Oriental Medicine that cut healing time in half. She assisted me with Erbium Yag Laser resurfacing by reducing recovery time, decreasing the pain associated with the procedure and improving patient satisfaction as a result of the techniques she employed.
It was not uncommon after procedures for patients to have little or no bruising and swelling as a result of her unique protocol allowing patients to return to their routines much more than just standard aftercare. In addition to these results, most patients also experienced significant weight reduction following reconstructive and/or cosmetic surgery due to Dr. Trattner’s ability to assist patients in modifying their diets to free up the body’s energy from digestion and focus on healing.
Dr. Trattner is experienced with a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. She has the innate ability to assess the situation for each patient and help them heal to their best ability. She is warm and understanding and is especially sensitive to patients’ needs. She has a gift for making patients feel very comfortable around her.

— Mel Propis, MD, past president of Florida Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Elizabeth is a gem! She is the best and also the nicest, most knowledgeable and kind person. She has helped us tremendously.

— Maya R., Miami Beach, FL

I love going to my appointments because they are like mini spa treatments. I sip hot tea, lay on a warm crystal mat and take a moment to relax while Dr. Trattner does her needle magic. Elizabeth is a wealth of information and is thorough and passionate about helping her patients. She has gone above and beyond to educate herself and continues to do so. She has been my nutritional and health guru for many years. My once acute allergies are now relatively minor thanks to her guidance.

— Misty R, Actress, NMB, FL

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is passionate about her medical practice. During a consultation you feel at ease and know you are in the best possible hands. She is ever so gentle, so thorough and explains to the most detail. My experiences have been treated with herbs and suggested exercise and an introduction to a whole new way of eating. She listens with her heart and treats with her knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Dr Trattner.

— Mindy G., Miami, FL

Elizabeth has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, Chinese medicine and how this influences one’s well being. Combined with her intutive observations and compassionate delivery, this makes for a powerful ally in attaining good health. Elizabeth has taught me many practical ways to improve my diet that have permanently changed the way I eat. Armed with these tools, I’ve improved the nutrition of my children, as well.

–Lori, Chicago