Herbal Medicine and Supplements

herbs and supplements

During your visit, Elizabeth may prescribe a variety of herbal medicines and supplements. Chinese medicine, including supplements and herbal remedies, is a comprehensive medical system that addresses many health concerns and works synergistically with western medicine.

It is important to know that practitioners of Chinese Medicine have years of clinical experience with herbal medicine and understand the very slight nuances these supplements have as well as the potential for interactions with medications that patients may currently be taking. Elizabeth works collaboratively with many of her patients’ other physicians to provide optimal outcomes for her patients.

To maximize efficacy and ensure compliance, Elizabeth attempts to minimize the number of supplements that patients take. Consequently, the herbs and supplements Elizabeth prescribes are very strong. These brands of supplements are not available at local health food stores or pharmacies; they are only available to physicians and health care providers. The Chinese herbs Elizabeth uses in her practice have met European equivalent FDA standards, which are significantly higher than the United States and meet the highest levels of independently verified standards of effectiveness, quality and purity.

More about Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is very safe and virtually free of side-effect when prescribed by a well-trained professional. Western drugs, on the other hand, can cause other health problems like weight gain, mood changes, dry mouth, nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, and other side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine is usually prescribed as a combination of multiple herbs called a ‘formula’. Each herb is specifically chosen to bolster each other’s effects. Therefore, the sum is greater than the parts when it comes to a Chinese herbal formula. Formulas can therefore have strong therapeutic effects without disrupting the body’s balance or creating other health problems. Formulas also allow for various symptoms to be treated at once. Specific herbs are often added to the formula to aid in digestion so that the medicine can be assimilated efficiently. In general, traditional Chinese herbs have much lower toxicity than many Western pharmaceutical drugs, but used correctly can be used in tandem with Western medication.

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