My Personal Story

From an early age I yearned to be a doctor, spending my childhood devouring and memorizing health and medical encyclopedia pages. While in college, my concern for women’s health led me to volunteer in women’s health centers and to advocate for women’s issues. My pursuit of a medical degree was sidelined as I faced my own health complications. Soon after graduating and experiencing tremendous personal loss, I became chronically ill and battled a rare life-threatening auto-immune disorder and severe asthma. Having faced several near-death episodes, my journey to overcome my debilitating health conditions began. Along my quest I’ve accumulated profound personal experiences that have shaped my medical perspective, culminating in a career that spans nearly thirty years practicing Integrative, Chinese and Energy Medicine, nutrition, and other modalities of healing.

My personal transformation was a cover story for Natural Health magazine, recounted in Spontaneous Healing, by Andrew Weil, MD, and was the reason I appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show along with Dr. Weil to share my journey of recovery through multiple facets of integrative medicine.

Through years of managing a chronic illness, food allergies, and multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities, I continue to persevere, refusing to allow these challenges to define me, even having a healthy child after being told I’d never be able to. These health crises and the isolation they create have become all too common in our frenetic society. This certainty, along with my personal growth and healing, compels me to devote my life to helping others overcome their personal health challenges. Merging my integrative medical training, my skills as a former concierge, and my own medical odyssey, I have a unique capacity to help treat and coordinate care for my patients and ensure that they are properly guided through a team of caring practitioners. I am especially sensitive to the expertise of my patients’ physicians as I work closely with them to effectively integrate their treatment for optimal health outcomes.

You are not alone. If you’re ready to take control of your health I look forward to being your empathetic physician, partner and guide in your personal and transformational healing journey.