Seasonal Allergies

Today I am happy to be featured in Cleanplates about how to treat seasonal allergies naturally. It is important for readers to decrease whole body inflammation by eliminating pro inflammatory foods like dairy, junk foods, refined foods and incorporate a whole foods diet. Some of the best advice I can give patients is to begin a regimen of 1,000 mg of quercetin 3 times a day preferably with citrus bioflavinoids. For acute allergies I like to also include stinging nettles for itchy eyes and runny noses. For year round sufferers of allergies my weapon of choice is a high quality HEPA air purifier. My favorite is IQAir#allergies #seasonalallergies

Elizabeth Trattner a.p.

Elizabeth Trattner a.p.

I specialize in women’s health, weight management, allergies, autoimmune diseases and environmental illnesses. I help patients improve and take control of their health and maintain their optimal weight.

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