11 Tips to Beat Summer Allergies

summer allergies an image of flowers against a blue backgroundSummer is a time to be outside, swim in the ocean, get a tan and enjoy longer days. But with these summer-fun activities come summer allergies. Allergies are never fun, but in the summer, they are even worse because we spend, on average, more time outside during these months. Thankfully, I have some tips and tricks to share with you on how to beat the sniffles and congestion which come with summer allergies and stay sneeze-free.

  1. Use a Nasal Lavage to help clear the inside of your nose from any pollen and other micro-particles before they enter the bloodstream and cause a possible allergic reaction. I prefer store-bought saline because they are sterile and buffered with baking soda.
  2. Quit junk food. Eliminating all junk food and any food with artificial colors and additives stops those chemicals from getting into your body which in turn will also improve your immune system.
  3. Eat more fruits and veggies. Try minimizing or even eliminating junk food and any food with artificial colors and additives. Instead try nuts, fruits and making sure every meal is balanced with protein, fiber and carbohydrates. This keeps blood sugar stable.
  4. Avoid dairy products since they produce a lot of mucous. I have many patients who have eliminated dairy during allergy season and their runny nose and stuffy sinuses have almost magically gone away. If you must have cheese I like cheese substitutes like Kite Hill, Daiya, and Violife products as substitutes.
  5. Work out indoors. While I personally love spending as much time as possible outside, I recommend working out indoors during allergy season. This small change lowers your exposure to pollen in the air.
  6. Keep your bedroom pollen-free. Lower your exposure to allergy triggers by removing shoes and clothing from the day before you enter the bedroom.
  7. Reduce laundry chemicals. Decrease the chemical load in your home by using natural, unscented cleaners, perfumes, shampoos, laundry soap, and household products. Fragrance and artificial chemicals can increase inflammation and make allergies and asthma worse.
  8. Start quercetin which enhances the effectiveness of vitamin C and has anti-allergy properties. I am a huge fan of quercetin because it stabilizes mast cell membranes and prevents the release of histamine and other inflammatory agents. I recommend taking 1,000mg of, 3 times a day.
  9. Add Omega 3, Fish and Fish oil to your regimen. These oils are anti-inflammatory which can decrease the hormones that can cause allergy and asthma. Try to incorporate fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, trout and mackerel into your diet. If you want to stick to fish oil, I recommend 2000 mg of EPA a day with food.
  10. Utilize nettles. Studies have shown nettles reduce mast cell inflammation, the cell that causes your nose to run, and eye to itch, can be as effective as OTC allergy medication. Nettles reduce histamine. I recommend 350 mg as needed for acute symptoms, esp itchy eyes.
  11. Reduce stress. Try incorporating mediation and relaxation into your daily routine. This simple action can reduce inflammation and histamine which can help mitigate allergies.

If you are struggling with summer allergies and live in Miami, call our office or reach out.

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