Aging is a Privilege⁠✨


Did you know that the characters in "The Golden Girls" were supposed to be in their early 50s? ⁠As a woman in her late 50's I would describe myself as many things but not one of them would be synonymous with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sophia despite how much I loved the show.⁠ . Western vocabulary lacks a revered word…

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Cupping to Give Your Body the Love it Deserves


Sometimes your body just needs a little extra love, and cupping is a great tool to help give your body the care and attention it deserves. At our office, we adore our heart-shaped love cups, but this love goes way beyond a cute Instagram opportunity. Within recent years, cupping has had a resurgence thanks to athletes and popstars posting their…

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Dealing with Winter Skin in Miami

It’s that time of year again. Your skin is dry, your lips are chapped, your cuticles feel like bits of sandpaper and when you get ready for bed after a long day there is a snowstorm of dry skin falling to the floor. Winter's cold can wreak havoc on our skin from heating, dry air, and the changing barometric pressure.…

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Premium Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose Quartz Rollers

Facial rollers are an effective treatment that helps smooth away the appearance of wrinkles, aids lymphatic drainage, and keeps the skin glowing. Rose Quartz is known to be the crystal of unconditional love, especially self-love. It has a piezoelectric effect meaning it carries a small charge to help awaken the skin. Recent studies have finally come out demonstrating that short term…

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