Quarantine Updates: Protocols and Procedures

Dear Patients,
After 3 months I am back treating patients. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
I have changed my protocols and procedures to keep my patients healthy and safe.

Your safety and health are always my top priority, which is why, in light of the current Q  situation; I am implementing the following steps in my practice policies and procedures:

1. Only one person will be seen at a time; please do not bring your family members.
2. 10-minute gaps will be scheduled between patients to avoid interactions and allow for sanitizing between patients.
3. Everyone is required to wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask text me ahead of time and I will have one ready for you upon your arrival.
4. Everyone entering will have their temperature checked via a pulse oximeter and a non-contact IR thermometer; 99.5 F or higher will not be permitted in for everyone’s safety.
5. Waiver and screening forms are required for all patients.
6. Anyone meeting the following criteria will need to reschedule their appointment: Has C V Nineteen symptoms including fever, coughing, or respiratory illness. Has traveled outside the U.S. in the last thirty days. Has been in close contact with a person displaying C V symptoms
7. All cancellation fees are waived if you are sick and have a fever.
8. I will also have other systems in place including an ultra-high HEPA air filter next to the table. These filters have been used in both SARS and C V ninteeen  units and the only air filters endorsed by the American Lung Association. I also have UVC lights running in both the treatment area and in the bathroom between appointments to sterilize the areas. Windows will be open for cross ventilation as well.
9. The treatment table and pillows are covered with vinyl cloth covers to disinfect after each patient. All blankets and table paper will be changed after each patient as well. I am using products used in hospitals to sanitize the table and high touch surfaces.
10. All crystals, gua sha and other modalities used during your treatment will be sterilized with HOCL, UVC light and/or other sanitizing agents.
11. All surfaces, high touch areas, doorknobs and bathrooms will be sanitized after each patient.
12. My credit card terminal will be sanitized with alcohol to ensure no cross-contamination. I will be wearing gloves to avoid cross-contamination. Please allow me to sign for the charge at the time of the visit or you may pay for your visit with Venmo.
I want to ensure you I have your utmost safety in mind during your visit so you can relax and heal during your visit.

If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to discuss, please email me,

I am looking forward to seeing you and returning to your journey of health and wellness in a safe and enjoyable space.
In Health and Wellness,
Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

COVID-19 Update

I specialize in women’s health, weight management, allergies, autoimmune diseases and environmental illnesses. I help patients improve and take control of their health and maintain their optimal weight.

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